LITTLE STEPS ASIA | Hong Kong Dads Who Rock Hong Kong 2022

Gustav Szabo

Founder Of Szabotage And Dad To Two Kids

About Gustav Szabo

Gustav is a British street, contemporary and NFT artist who relocated to Hong Kong for six months. Eight years later, he is still here and inspired by the city. He started Szabotage and created digital NFT art in 2020. He is recognized for his signature koi and stencil language style. He has an obsession with spray paint and creates artwork on walls and canvas. The most important things to him are his two little ones.

Favorite Things To Do With The Kids

Gustav and his wife enjoy being outdoors with the kids, whether trampolining, walking, setting up tents, and camping. His son can write his name in water-based aerosol paint, making him a proud dad! They live close to the beach, so exploring the ever-changing coastline, looking for crabs, building tree houses, and digging are their favorite pastimes with the kids. They also thoroughly enjoy cycling together, especially if a tunnel is involved, to have a good shout and hear their own echoes! The little ’ns love it.

Best And Most Challenging Bits About Being A Dad

He loves when his kids see him; anything they are doing gets thrown to one side, their eyes light up, and they run towards him with hugs, excitement, and enthusiasm. They are his golden moments. The most challenging part has to be routine, such as eating dinner before the ‘hanger’ (hunger anger) sets in and the meltdowns happen. You need the patience of a saint.

Favorite Dad Hack 

Gustav’s favorite dad hack is “I’ve got something to whisper.” It creates excitement and grabs the kid’s attention. The classic game, hide and seek, is also a winner. He gets to have a break when the kids hide or count for a long time.

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