MP Weekly: 藝術家Szabotage如何在香港街頭玩藝術?從一條錦鯉開始

【 他在香港玩 #街頭藝術】Szabotage六年前離開倫敦,卻選擇定居香港,從事室內設計之餘,亦玩起街頭藝術。那條遍佈中上環後巷的錦鯉塗鴉,成為他的標誌性作品,還有一幅他最喜歡的塗鴉後來被消失了,聽聽他怎麼說。


[he played street art in Hong Kong] Szabotage left London six years ago, but chose to settle in Hong Kong for interior design and also play street art. The Koi Graffiti across the middle-Ring Lane became his iconic work, and one of his favourite graffiti was later disappeared, listen to what he said.