SPRAYCATION: Szabotage's Latest Exhibition


A new exhibition by Szabotage opens Thursday 5th November at Art Supermarket, Central, Hong Kong. The solo exhibition features 12 large canvases by the artist and will be on display until 3rd December.

There will be an exhibition reception 6-9pm November 5th.

Szabotage will give a guided tour through the exhibition, he will also be live painting a new mural outside the gallery of Art Supermarket to celebrate the new show in between tours. 

Please be aware that COVID-19 hygiene and social distancing measures will be in place of this event. 

Evolving from Szabotage’s previous collection True Reflections, where the face mirror and captures everyday elements in a graphic form, Spraycation is a break from reality. Just a spray [paint] away from the current crazy times we are all experiencing this year.

In the exhibition, Szabotage depicts the development of layered stencils as a visual language, with iconic symbols of Hong Kong painted beneath the portraits of women. Each stencil is hand-drawn and hand-cut and is positioned to create a collage of narratives.

The entire collection is synonymous with the artist’s love and passion for Hong Kong, and its iconic imagery. The use of local symbols continues the artist’s interest in how a feature can be simplified to its most minimal representation, yet can be viewed in a number of ways depending on who is viewing the art.

The individual graphic components layer up to comprise an overall image that breaks down a single scene into layers of references. Szabotage questions whether such motifs can still convey the associated cultural and contextual significance of the original object.

The artist’s practice explores pre-existing images and familiar languages of cultural symbols and icons and hopes that with each piece, everyone’s personal experience of the artwork is different. That the icons and emblems are interpreted on a very individual level.

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