THE BEAST ASIA | 11 Sick Hong Kong Graffiti Artists to Follow on Instagram

A home to towering skyscrapers, bustling financial markets, and a melange of international crowds, Hong Kong is no stranger to an art scene that remains elite in its nature. International art fairs and world-class galleries welcome the best of the best artists from afar to the shores of the 852.

On street level, however, Hong Kong’s eclectic circle of highly skilled graffiti artists paint raw emotion, the intensity of local life, and what the city means to everyone. Grab your Octopus and head down to find the city’s best graffiti work.


Gustav Szabo, known by the public and his contemporaries, grew up in Hove, U.K. and studied architecture, before trading his design work for selling out exhibitions In Hong Kong. His personal style employing bright colours and Hong Kong cultural references define him as unique from the rest.

His infamous stencil language is a mural style that you must search out for on the streets across the territory. Using iconography of TAXI stands, Chinese luck symbols, the figure of the IFC, trams, and lanterns, Szabotage brings colours and vibrancy to Hong Kong.

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