Szabotage Cow Hide Rug

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Be unique. Be bold.
Beautiful Italian cowhide rugs, hand stitched with a Szabotage tag

Crafted from the finest genuine cowhide, these rugs feature a silhouette of Szabotage’s signature created by swapping one coloured hide with another
The rugs are dyed in Italy which is wear they get there striking bold colour and at szabotage we are all about bright colours. 
These are super easy to clean spills, as it’s a natural hide, marks easily wipe off with soap and water. They won’t clog your hoover and they are original. 

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So Happy with my personalized artwork with our family members names that we got for Xmas

Manon, France

Love our new Wan Chai print, it's perfect in our living room and it's the best souvenir from HK!

Scot, UK

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