Gustav Szabo, better known as Szabotage, born in Brighton, is recognised as a prolific contemporary urban artist and designer.  Szabotage grew up in Hove and London and studied architecture and has worked as a designer.  Szabotage relocated to Hong Kong, where he became active in the street art scene and began to gain notoriety in the local and international urban art world.

Szabotage’s work is characterised by bright colours mixed with popular cultural references.  His vision takes a critical view of its immediate surroundings and often references the landscape of world cities, exploring the relationship between urban architecture and their communities. 

Szabotage is working with a variety of techniques and mediums, with his body of work ranging from canvas portraits, prints, interiors, cars, sculptures, stencils and products.  The artist constantly challenges typical canvas limitations, through upcycling and recycling, creating sculptures using deconstructed aerosol cans, metals and wood.  The artist is best recognised by his signature Koi fish - an iconic symbol of strength, adversity and good fortune – which features frequently throughout his work. 

Szabotage held his first London solo exhibition ‘SHHH Women's Erotic Emporium’, in Shoreditch, London.  Since then, he has exhibited internationally, with sold out exhibitions, solo shows, and numerous collaborative projects, commercial and private commissions. 

Including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Evisu, Ritz Carlton, Jaeger Lecoultre, Gweilo Beer, Pret A Manger and many more

TEDx Talk

Resilience - The Ultimate High


” Whilst I use a variety of materials and processes in each artwork, my fascination is harnessing the spray can. I amcaptivated by its chaotic temperament and versatility, and how it demands your focus to control its output. “

My art takes a critical view of its immediate surroundings.  Often referencing the landscape of world cities, exploring the relationships between urban architecture and communities. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the forms of production.  I’m passionate about playing with a multitude of surfaces on which I create; walls, canvas, cars, fashion, and metal. In my varied and diverse approaches to making art, the context of the work has an impact on the piece’s relationship with the viewer.  The art takes on various forms intended to draw the viewer in as a co-contributor and witness new and unpredictable cycles of thoughts and associations.  Providing an experimental chance to challenge one’s perceptions, perspectives, and assumptions.I decontextualize.  Then I reconstruct.  Having engaged in subjects as diverse as cult icons, provocative language, and arranging them into new conceptually layered works of art.  Exploration is key,boldness is king and colour is my way. I am driven to create every day and my goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to be intrigued and moved by their surroundings.” 


2021 Solo Show // Life Got Real, SHOUT Gallery Hong Kong

2021 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Presented by Art Supermarket Gallery

2021 Group Exhibition DRIVEN // Hong Kong Arts Collective x Zung Fu Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

2021 Online Art Fair, Presented by Art Supermarket Gallery on Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

2020 Group Exhibition Square Print // Hong Kong Arts Collective, Hong Kong

2020 Solo Exhibition // SPRAYCATION Art Supermarket, Hong Kong 

2020 Group Exhibition // Hong Kong Arts Collective, Hong Kong

2019 Solo Exhibition // Brick House X HKArts Collective Presents Artist of the Month, Hong Kong 

2019 K11, Musea Art, Crockerydile, Hong Kong  

2019 Group Show, LGBT Arcus Pride Art, Clifford Chance, Red Chamber Gallery

2019 Affordable Art Fair, Art Supermarket, Hong Kong

2019 Solo Exhibition // SUBLIMEY, Art Supermarket, Hong Kong

2019 Solo Exhibition // Reflections, The Mira Hotel, TST, Hong Kong

2019 The Objet Nomades, By Louis Vuitton, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

2019 Wallskar, Graffiti and Street Art Festival, Hong Kong Edtion

2018 Affordable Art Fair, Art Supermarket, Hong Kong

2018 Duo Exhibition // Saskia Wesseling + Szabotage, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

2017 Solo Exhibition // FISH 'N' CHIPS, Art Supermarket, Hong Kong

2017 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Macey and Sons, Hong Kong

2017 Affordable Art Fair, Art Supermarket, Hong Kong

2017 Group Exhibition // Women In Focus, AWETHENTIC Gallery, Hong Kong

2017 TEDx Talk // “Resilience is the Ultimate High”, HKUST Hong Kong

2016 Solo Show + Exhibition // GONE FISHING! Loft 22, California Tower, LFK, Hong Kong

2016 Live Mural // Love Is Wild, Walls Of Change, Project C:Change, Hong Kong

2016 Group Exhibition // Minor Chords, Brickhouse, Hong Kong

2015 Street Art Festival // HK WALLS,, Hong Kong

2015 Installation // Floor of Love, Sav Hotel, Hong Kong 

2015 Exhibition // Pang x Szabotage, Gallery 88, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

2015 Exhibition + Live Artwork // Hong Kong Classic Car Show

2015 Show // Hong Kong Makes Sense, Hong Kong

2015 Group Exhibition // Illicit Leggit, Lott Five, Soho, Hong Kong 

2015  Group Exhibition // Design Commune by ARRAKIS Oggetti & Colourliving, PMQ, Hong Kong 

2015 Solo Exhibition // Szabotage by Together, Kwun Tong

2015 Solo Exhibition // M Space, by PRC Magazine and Peter Boyle, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

2014 Finalist, Secret Walls, Hong Kong

2014 Creation of the “Koi”

2012 Solo Exhibition // Hackney Road Car Park, Shoreditch London

2010 Solo Show // SHHH Women's Erotic Emporium, Shoreditch, London

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