NFT Street Art

Szabotage was the first urban artist in Hong Kong to offer NFT art back in November 2020 on OpenSea. This collection digitised his street art murals meaning they can live on FOREVER even after being painted over or destroyed in the real world.

Hong Kong on my Mind Mural - Szabotage Street Art

Hong Kong On My Mind

NFT Digital Artwork - 2020

Original artwork @Square Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong - 2016

Inspired by the intensity and complexity of Hong Kong living, and how, at times, it overpowers your mind. Sometimes you need to take the lid off, let go and flip it over. The mural playfully uses the infamous Hong Kong cityscape. One of a few pieces created in a monochrome palette, Szabotage stepped away from his usual explosion of colour to explore the light and shadows to give depth to the artwork.


Pot of Gold

NFT Digital Artwork - 2020

Original artwork @Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong - 2020

This is a video NFT and is a Szabotage street art piece painted using one of his infamous graffiti gadgets he makes. The inspiration behind this piece is a social observation reply to the rise of the Bitcoin and how the crypto world is changing the financial system with early investors all hoping for a pot of gold at the end of their bitcoin rainbow!

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