Playing Card and Postcard Bundle

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Bespoke Szabotage Playing Cards and Postcards

An excellent gift and momento of Hong Kong 

Playing Cards $388

Classic Bridge Style Poker Size Custom Playing Cards

Featuring 53 different Szabotage artworks from various collections

(63.5 X 88.9mm)  54 Card Card Stock: (S30) Standard Smooth

Packaging: Custom Hinged Tin Box with Szabotage stickers

Postcards $100

Write to someone you love.

Each pack contains 10 postcards containing a mix of Szabotage artworks

So Happy with my personalized artwork with our family members names that we got for Xmas

Manon, France

Love our new Wan Chai print, it's perfect in our living room and it's the best souvenir from HK!

Scot, UK

Can Can Collection

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