Szabotage Stencil - Mini Can Can Collection

Szabotage Stencil - Mini Can Can Collection

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This Szabotage Stencil is hand etched into a Can Canvas (unframed)

Szabotage Stencil is part of the CAN CAN collection and all of the pieces within the collection have some play on the material they are painted on.
Szabotage creates his unique backdrop by firstly releasing the pressure in the can and then slicing it open to remove the top, ball bearing and spray straw. The artist then hammers the whole can flat and finally cuts it into shape. This is a lengthy process but Szabotage is mindful that these cans are difficult to recycle and wants to reduce the amount sent to landfills.
Edition: Original Unique artwork, 2022

Media: Etching 

Pledge of Quality: Szabotage guarantees the authenticity of his artworks.  Every artwork includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Dimensions: 21cm x 14cm (unframed)

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