Sunrise - Canvas Original
Sunrise - Canvas Original
Sunrise - Canvas Original
Sunrise - Canvas Original
Sunrise - Canvas Original

Sunrise - Canvas Original

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New Beginnings Collection (2023)

Spray paint, stencil, and ink on canvas

150cm x 100cm

Sunrise is a unique one-off hand-painted original artwork by Szabotage. Complete with all the paint textures and beauty of a truly original masterpiece.

Artwork description

A new day is one of the most powerful symbols of a fresh start, to embrace what lies ahead. Feel the energy of the sun and feel invigorated by its warmth.

The Collaboration story

Szabotage reflects upon a new beginning, after the artist's departure from Hong Kong following an eight-year sojourn, and subsequent resettlement in the United Kingdom. However, this collection is not solely a product of the artist's relocation. Rather, it has been inspired by Rachaele, who shares her own experiences in order to motivate and support others.

New Beginnings Collection Description

The New Beginnings Collection symbolises the strength of women; the darkness and light that embodies the feminine spirit. Representing resilience and endurance,  each piece captures its own elements to empower, encourage and inspire. 

As Szabotage’s first collection since moving on to his own new beginnings, it demonstrates a new development in his style and techniques used in his True Reflections collection.

Szabotage depicts layered stencils as a visual language, with iconic symbols painted beneath the portraits of women. Each stencil is hand drawn and hand cut, and is positioned to create a collage of narratives. The varied graphic components create an image that breaks down into multiple meanings.

Szabotage explores familiar images and cultural symbols, intending for every individual experience of the artwork to be unique. Icons and emblems are understood through the filter of the viewer, and interpreted on a very personal level, allowing the viewer to develop their own narrative and connection.

All original artworks come with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity from Szabotage. 

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