Szabotage live painting canvas of urban observations

Original Art

"I want to create art that stands out using vivid colour choices for maximum impact.  I like to push the limits of colour theory by playing with the balance and range of tones, shades and hues.

I entertain, inform and inspire by connecting people through the power of unparalleled visual storytelling."

Original Art

Szabotage began with spray cans and walls and branched out into innumerable forms of media including expanding foam, scrap wood, canvases and even empty spray cans (Can Can and Mini Can Can collections). His original works celebrate the diversity of his inspirations and media formats throughout his collections.

Szabotage is best recognised by his signature Koi fish - an iconic symbol of strength, adversity and good fortune which features frequently throughout his work. He has mastered a visual language through the development of layered stencils, which has become his distinctive style. His classic stencil work is spiced with humour, wordplay, and iconic cultural references. 


Szabotage is back in the UK's English Riviera, drawing inspiration from the British seaside for The Torbaydos Collection. His signature stencil art captures coastal beauty in Brixham, Paignton, and Torquay, telling unique stories



Szabotage brings you his first collection since returning to the UK! This series of originals and prints capture the strength of women and is a collaboration with Rachaele from Part-Time Working Mummy and r.e.b.l

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Return to Sender (2022)

Szabotage’s colorful, signature stencil language captures the city’s great expatriate exodus. This is the first full collection to have its own print series.


Life got real (2021)

What would happen if our childhood cartoon characters aged disgracefully and gave in to the depraved or humorous side of today’s society?

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You've Been Framed (2020)

This collection was started in reposnse to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 which caused global panic and some unusual behaviours!

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True Reflections (2016-22)

Szabotage's largest collection where he really developed his layered stencils as a visual language to depict charaters and communities in faces.

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Urban Observations (2014-22)

Szabotages original collection, often created live in amongst the hustle and bustle on the streets of Hong Kong representing it's vibrant communities.

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Can Can (2015-20)

Using redundent spray cans to create a new canvases this collection really takes the can puns to the next level!

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Mini Can Can (2015-22)

A subset of the Can Can collection, each piece is a tiny piece of art created on just one individual flattened spray can!

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