Home From Home Collection

Centralism (2022)

Stack it high. An animated digital tribute to the the dense architecture and bustling vibrance of Hong Kong.

Home From Home

This collection of digital art was created especially for Szabotage's largest show; Bid Farewell in Hong Kong. The show is Szabotage's final gift to the city as he leaves Hong Kong to return to the UK and continue his artistic journey.

In the 8 years that he lived in Hong Kong, Szabotage grew his artistic wings. It is where he found his voice as an artist and developed his prolific stencil language. In this collection he depicts the city through his eyes and portays his deep love for this extraordinary place full of iconic symbols, culture and vibrancy.

Block Party (2022)

Digital animation of Hong Kong's iconic towering apartment blocks

K Town (2022)

Digital still representing watching the sunset from Kennedy Town, HK

Sky's the Limit (2022)

Digital still depicting the unique co-esistance of the mountains, beachs and city of Hong Kong's skyline

Fully Lit (2022)

Digial animation of the city lighting up and coming alive at night

Unique Hong Kong
Sea Bandits

This digital animation recreates Szabotage's is delighof Hong Kong's commitment to ocean swimming. He is a huge fan of swimming in the sea himself, Szabotage is often up and out early with the sea swimmers.

Foody Moody (2022)

Digital still of Szabotage's beloved crab, exotic fruits, dim sum, mooncake, tea culture, and dumplings

Foreign Objects (2022)

Digital animation of "don't throw foreign objects" signs found in Hong Kong bathrooms

Surf's Up (2022)

Digital still representing Szabotage's favourite beach in Hong Kong; Big Wave Bay

Junk Ahoy (2022)

Digital animation celebrating Hong Kong's junk boat culture

Moon (2022)

Digital animation representing Hong Kong's many phases, just like the moon

Cocktail O'Clock (2022)

Digital animation celebrating the best place to enjoy a martini

Unique Hong Kong
High Density (2022)

This digital still is an ode to the unique living style of Hong Kong dewellers. Hong Kong boasts the world's largest vertically-living population which is densly packed into the city.

Highway My Way (2022)

Digital animation tribute to the frustration and craziness of Hong Kong's highways

Pull the Plug (2022)

Digital still representing the meaning behind the loss of the star ferry

Red Amber Black Rain

Digital animation representing Hong Kong's unique and wonderful rain colour coding system.